Selected Television and Film Credits

On all shows listed, I composed the themes.   I also scored individual episodes for most.

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Season One of this Golden Globe nominated show debuted in December 2005. Season Two airs this Fall.

High School Freshmen Ushi, Danny and Harold explore the subatomic world in this animated educational series.   Airing debut dates still to be announced.

Still airs in syndication in most markets, but sadly not in Los Angeles.   I also scored all episodes.

I won an Emmy in 2000 for Bill Nye the Science Guy. I scored all episodes as well as wrote (and sang!) the theme.

Based on the magazine, PopSci and Popular Science (I wrote different themes for each) aired on Discovery and the Learning Channels

A Michael Wilson film.  I not only scored this, but I did several of the songs, including the title track.   Having formerly produced rap records, it was an opportunity to bring back some of the old gang, including Kid Frost.

Off to Nowhere
This was a treat because I got an opportunity to have Michael Sims play Dobro.

Models travel from town to town doing good deeds as only models can.   On PAX 2004-05.

In March 2005 I was hired as primary composer for Oprah to give the show a more contemporary sound.   In October, I was also asked to write a new theme for her Oxygen Network spinoff, Oprah After the Show

Airs daily on Spike TV and in syndication in most markets.   Here in L.A., it airs weekends on Channel 9 and WGN on cable.   I scored all the episodes as well as composed the theme.

Master Blasters debuted on the Sci-Fi channel in 2005…and closed in 2005. <sigh>.
I also scored the individual episodes.

I wrote the theme for Cucina Amore (2003) as well as the follow-up seasons of Cucina Sicilia (2004) and Cucina Italia (2005)

The second incarnation of this show (there have been three.)   This is one of my favorite themes.

I wrote different themes for two separate seasons of this daytime talk show.


My very first show! Guess the year and you win a prize!
Hint: listen to the theme


I scored the network IDs as well as the themes for the news and sports shows.

My very first logo.    They offered me $500 to do this.   I told them not a penny less than $600.   Ah, those were the days!