[My 1958 Corvette!]


I bought this car as a total basket case ten years ago.   They don’t get much worse than this:

I've been restoring it myself.   The restoration is what's called a "frame-off" restoration, which means the body is taken completely off the chassis so everything can be meticulously detailed.

This is the car right after I painted it.   Note the body is on a rolling dolly I made.   The paint is a 2-stage urethane and was a little tricky because urethane is not as forgiving as lacquer, which is what all my previous painting experience was with.

Car Painted

This is the engine.  
It's a Chevy 350 with aluminum heads, fairly mild cam, ceramic coated headers and a bunch of shiny stuff.


And here is my trusty assistant lowering the body onto the chassis.  
How come he's the one who gets all the fun jobs???

Ben Lowering Chasis

The finished product:

Car Painted